There are many factors that contribute to a successful business. Word of mouth and referrals are just awesome. Someone has paid you money for your product or service and liked it so much, they recommended you to someone else also pay you money. There couldn’t be an easier sell. 

We can’t always be that lucky. The trick to a successful business is a proactive approach. You can sit around and wait for someone to refer customers to you or you can go out and find them. 

Profits in any business is all about converting leads to sales. It’s all about numbers. The more eyes you can put on your brand, the more opportunities you create for your business. In other words, if you experience a 10% lead/conversion rate, would you want to show you business to just 100 people or would you want to reach as many as possible. 1000 leads would be 100 sales. And it’s unlikely that you’re going to have 1000 people refer customers to you. 

This is why you must be proactive. You’ve built a solid brand by choosing a smar logo design. Your website is really clean and easy to navigate. What now?  

Social Media

Now you need to blitz the market. Set aside time to create social media pages that are consistent with your brand. Create a presence in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. 

Set aside time each day to make an appearance on all social media platforms. Post daily to Your social media pages. Show up in people’s news feeds. Create conversations in Linked In. Use hashtags. Experiment with different hashtags. Add locations. Tag people. Try posting at different times of day. And keep up with your analytics. 

The only thing you need to control your online presence is social media. Choose 2 or 3, or more, and work them.  Consistently. Don’t post for a week then disappear. Consistency is key.  Keep up with those social media and you’ll better control your own line presence.