Do you know what to expect when hiring someone to design your logo? Let’s first talk about what you want. Best approach is to break it down into different aspects. Decide if you want your logo to explain what you offer or not. Do you want to display initials rather than an emblem? Do you like logos that are primarily text? Do you prefer a logo graphic that can be independent of the company name? There are a lot of things to consider.  

A lot of times I hear “I want a logo that is clean and modern, but still has that traditional feel, but I want it to be classy and elegant and convey trust and fun.”

What the hell does that even mean?! 

The biggest issue with logo design is the communication between the client and the designer. Either the client doesn’t communicate well or thinks they communicated and really didn’t.  Think about that clean, modern, traditional, classy, elegant, trustworthy, fun logo designs out there.  Now give me two examples.  

When you say clean, modern logo, you may think of the Target logo. But your designer may think transformers. Both are modern with clean lines. But both offer two completely different messages. 

As a new business owner, know what to expect.  Know that clean, sophisticated, trustworthy logo designs can really mean lots of different things.  Expect some back and forth with your designer. The idea you have in your head is in your head. It might take a few tries to communicate it to your designer. But be patient. You’re definitely on the right track hiring a professional.