Be Fearless.

Are you a Micro Business?

A Micro Business can be described as a business that has only one owner, with a total of up to five employees including the owner. Does that sound like your business?  Does it sound like something you’ve always wanted to do?  Enjoy the flexibility and upward mobility that starting and running a micro business can offer.

Representing a staggering 92% of all U.S. businesses, Micro Businesses are changing the dynamics of income, wealth creation and quality of life in America like no other business factor.

Take the Fear Out of Launching your First Website.

Its easier than you think.  We can help.

Micro Business Package

Small businesses, hobbies, side gigs, you name it…Show the World!

Do you have a micro business?  Are you thinking about finally taking that leap into self-employment? Do you have a hobby you’d like to show off?  We want to help build your website. Whether you’re a baker specializing in fancy cakes, a jeweler who build custom pieces for you clients’ special occasion, a furniture builder with a knack for blending the industrial with the rustic or offering a service for lawn care, handy-man services, etc, let’s create a space for your potential customers to view their options.

3 page basic website for micro-businesses including the following pages:



One year of basic hosting included.  All websites are fully responsive and compatible on all major web browsers.  Contact page includes responsive map and basic contact form.

Some additional services and web functionality ideas:

  • Event Calendars
  • Online Shop
  • Social Media Feeds
  • Blog
  • Email Gathering, i.e. Mailchimp, Constant Contact
  • Logo design
  • Social Media Branding
  • Monthly/Quarterly Maintenance


*First year hosting is included in price.  $180 after promo.